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March’s Songs

Well, then. Shall we?

March is all greedy and so there are FIVE SONGS in this post. Can you imagine? You don’t have to imagine.

Here are the weekly songs I put out in March.

February’s Songs

So that was definitely February, then, wasn’t it?

Here are the tracks I cobbled together this month. Now featuring new, longer than ever, titles.

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Protected: 5 reasons Buffer should hire me

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January’s Songs

Finally. It’s the post that no one’s been waiting for.

I started a new project in January where I’m planning to upload a new song every week for the year. It’s a sort of less ambitious and interesting version of the Cooper 365 project I did in 2011.

And so here’s what I’ve managed so far. January’s songs.
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Cooper 52? Or maybe a different name.


I’m doing a thing in 2014. I’m going to be putting a new original song online every Sunday throughout the year. Or at least I hope to. I’ve tentatively called it Cooper 52, because of that Cooper 365 nonsense I did three years ago.

Three. Years. Ago.

Here’s a video where I introduce it.

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