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December’s songs

That’s it, then. Thanks for listening, you lot!
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November’s Songs

Some songs from November, obviously. Read the rest of this entry

October’s Songs

Let’s be having you.

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September’s Songs

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August’s Songs

*REAL-TALK KLAXON* August was a busy time with the festival in Edinburgh and good friends coming to visit every weekend and so keeping up with this project felt really similar to the same kind of pace as back in the heady heights of 2011 AD. Which was fun.

I’m also away for two weeks in September which means I’m going to have to double-up and plan ahead with songs like the good old days. I’m pretty confident I can keep it up, but we’ll just have to see, mate.

Also, all of the songs from this project so far are available to download on my Bandcamp ( for the special price of free (or pay what you want). I just added the “pay what you want” option to my tracks after reading this post and this post from hi54lofi, who puts together quite a convincing argument for the worth of doing that. Even if these are sort of rough demos with the odd scuffed notes, an easily persuaded person might see these as charming or whatever.

The only problem is, this album is growing week on week, so how would it work if you paid something for the album as it currently stands? LET ME TELL YOU. I would log your name and email address in a little document somewhere, and I will then ensure that you get the full album with any later tracks you missed out on for free download, plus probably some download codes for my other EPs, too. Does that sound fair? Okay. Cool. *REAL TALK KLAXON ENDS AFTER, UNBELIEVABLY, SHRIEKING THIS ENTIRE TIME*

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